And it was all going so well.

Two and a half years ago mine and my husband’s lives changed forever. We were about to walk down the aisle to swear our love and commitment to each other in front of our closest  family and friends. It was also at this time that my husband was diagnosed with what the doctors initially thought was Ulcerative Colitis but in actual fact turned out to be Crohn’s Disease. It was then that what was supposed to be one of the most exciting times together – that period of being newlyweds – became a slow and steady battle with deteriorating health.

The things that my darling husband has had to cope with, particularly in the last 6 months, is quite frankly something I wouldn’t wish on my worse enemy. Yes, there have been periods of remission from this awful disease but just recently it seems to have taken such a grip that we’re both finding it tough to keep the light at the end of the tunnel in sight.

It feels like so much has happened since my husband’s diagnosis! So it turns out that he has what his consultant says is one of the worse kinds of Crohn’s – perianal Crohn’s. There’s the obvious Crohn’s flair ups but he’s also had to contend with numerous abscesses and fistulas. Surgery on these caused a pulmonary embolism a year ago – that was a scary time! 6 months ago he had loads more surgery to remove infected tissue and drain the abscesses etc and at the same time he was given a split ileostomy. Cutting away the infection has left him with a huge open wound which, 6 months later, is still a very long way from being healed. We are yet to see the benefit of the ileostomy as his Crohn’s flair ups are as bad as ever at the moment. He is now also suffering from kidney stones which seem to be bringing with them a whole new world of issues. Only a month ago he was in Intensive Care fighting septic shock because of those damn stones!

The list is endless and I have only really touched the surface in this post. To be honest, without going into some gruesome detail, it’s very hard to really get across how bad things have been and still are. I’m sure that you will learn more about our situation as we continue with our blog and I have no doubt that both my husband and myself will find it therapeutic to off load some of our feelings as we continue through this Crohn’s hell.

I hope that our posts in this category won’t all be doom and gloom. My husband will start to improve soon – he has to. And as soon as he does, I shall be shouting that from the rooftops. So watch this space!


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  1. Posted by gillbest on January 21, 2012 at 3:14 pm

    Gosh, I feel for you both! As a fellow Crohns-y, I can relate to some of what you’re going through. (Mine’s not near as bad as your husband’s) Be strong and hang in there… and, if at all possible, try and laugh as often as you can. Be well.


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